DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber Let Me Love You Piano Cover

Here’s my DJ Snake featuring Justin Bieber Let Me Love You piano cover and instrumental. Actually, I made two versions of the song. In the first video, I am playing the song at the original tempo of 100 bpms. In the second video, I decided to take things down a notch and slow down the tempo. I think this slower version gives the song a bit of a different vibe.

Listen to both versions of DJ Snake and Justin Bieber’s Let Me Love you and you can let me know what you think. There are many ways to play this song on piano and I’m sure there are so many covers all over YouTube and the Internet at large. Thanks for allowing me to humbly share mine with you.

I am playing this song on a 61-key Yamaha MM6 keyboard. The chords I’m playing are  C minor, E flat major, G minor, A flat major, G major, B flat major and F minor. The main pattern of chords is Cm E♭ Gm A♭ Gm A♭. For the pre-chorus, the chords are A♭ Cm B♭ Fm. For the fast version, I’m playing the root note of each chord, an interval of a fifth from the root note, as well as an octave, with the left hand. I do this for most of the song with slight variations. With the right hand, I’m playing the melody of the song as well as a few harmonies at times.

Here’s video 1. (The regular tempo.) I hope you like it.

DJ Snake ft Justin Bieber Let Me Love You Piano Cover and Instrumental (Regular Tempo)

For the second video, as I said, I am playing it slowly. This allows me to do so much more with the chords and harmony. I was able to put a lot of feeling into it. At least, that’s what I think. Lol. It meant that I only played the introduction, one verse and chorus so as to keep it short and sweet. The lyrics are included. Hope you enjoy it.

Video 2. (Slower ballad tempo.)

DJ Snake ft Justin Bieber Let Me Love You Piano Keyboard Cover and Instrumental (Slow Version)

I created a piano tutorial of this song for absolute beginners. It’s much simpler that the above.

Thanks for watching my videos and joining me on my musical journey. I really appreciate the fact that you took your time to do so. My name is Mantius Cazaubon. All the best.