Chords In The Key Of A Minor


What are the chords in the key of A minor natural? We shall list triad chords and four note extended chords below in the key of A min. Roman numerals indicate each chord’s position relative to the scale.

The notes of the A minor natural scale are: A B C D E F G

Chords in natural minor keys follow the pattern, minor diminished major minor minor major major.

  • i – A minor, A minor seventh (Amin, Amin7)
  • iidim – B diminished, B minor seventh flat five (Bdim, Bm7b5)
  • III – C major, C major seventh (Cmaj, Cmaj7)
  • iv – D minor, D minor seventh (Dmin, Dmin7)
  • v – E minor, E minor seventh (Emin, Emin7)
  • VI – F major, F major seventh (Fmaj, Fmaj7)
  • VII – G major, G dominant seventh (Gmaj, G7)

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Piano Chords In The Key Of A Minor

The following chord chart shows all the triads in A minor as well as four note extended chords.

Piano chords in the key of A minor

Let’s now take a look at common chord progressions in the key of A minor natural. They are as follows:

  • i – VI – VII (Am – F – G)
  • i – iv – VII (Am – Dm – G)
  • i – iv – v (Am – Dm – Em)
  • i – VI – III – VII (Am – F – C – G)
  • ii – v – i (Bm7b5 – Em – Am)

Notes Of All The Chords In The key of A Minor

Let’s start with the triads

  • i – A minor: A – C – E
  • iidim – B diminished: B – D – F
  • III – C major: C – E – G
  • iv – D minor: D – F – A
  • v – E minor: E – G – B
  • VI – F major: F – A – C
  • VII – G major: G – B – D

And now, the four note chords

  • i – A minor seventh: A – C – E – G
  • iidim – B minor seventh flat five: B – D – F – A
  • III – C major seventh: C – E – G – B
  • iv – D minor seventh: D – F – A – C
  • v – E minor seventh: E – G – B – D
  • VI – F major seventh: F – A – C – E
  • VII – G dominant seventh: G – B – D – F

Diagrams of the A minor key signature and the notes of the A natural minor  scale. There are no sharps and flats in the Amin scale. A minor key signature on treble clef.A minor key signature on bass clef.

Diagram of the A minor scale on piano keyboard.A minor scale on piano (keyboard). Am. A min.

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Piano Chord Charts

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