Major and Minor Sixth Piano Chord Diagrams

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In this free piano lesson we take a look at major sixth and minor sixth chord diagrams. We shall start with major sixth chords.

How do you form a major sixth chord? You combine the root, third, fifth, and sixth of the major scale. What is the symbol for major 6th? It’s M6 or 6. For instance, F major sixth is written FM6 or just F6.

Major sixth piano chord diagramsMajor 6 piano chord diagram

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Here are all 12 major 6 chords and the notes that form them.

  • C major sixth – C, E, G, A
  • C sharp major sixth – C sharp, E sharp, G sharp, A sharp
  • D major sixth – D, F sharp, A, B
  • E flat, major sixth – E flat, G, B flat, C
  • E major sixth – E, G, sharp, B, C sharp
  • F major sixth – F, A, C, D
  • F sharp major sixth – F sharp, A sharp, C sharp, D sharp
  • G major sixth – G, B, D, E
  • A flat major sixth – A flat, C E flat, F
  • A major sixth – A, C sharp, E, F sharp
  • B flat major sixth – B flat, D, F, G
  • B major sixth – B, D sharp, F sharp, G sharp

How do you form a minor sixth chord? To build a minor sixth chord, combine the root, flat third, fifth, and sixth of the major scale. What is the symbol for minor sixth? It’s mi6 or -6. For instance, G minor sixth is written Gmi6 or G-6.

Minor sixth piano chord diagramsMinor 6 piano chord diagram

Here are all 12 minor 6 chords and the notes that form them.

  • C minor sixth – C, E flat, G, A
  • C sharp, minor sixth – C sharp, E, G sharp, A sharp
  • D minor sixth – D, F, A, B
  • E flat, minor sixth – E flat, G flat, B flat, C
  • E minor sixth – E, G, B, C sharp
  • F minor sixth – F, A flat, C, D
  • F sharp minor sixth – F sharp, A, C sharp, D sharp
  • G minor sixth – G, B flat, D, E
  • A flat, minor sixth – A flat, C flat, E flat, F
  • A minor sixth – A, C, E, F sharp
  • B flat, minor sixth – B flat, D flat, F, G
  • B minor sixth – B, D, F sharp, G sharp

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