What Chords Should Be Used With A Particular Chord

F sharp minor (F# minor, F#min) on piano.

F sharp minor, F# minor, F#min on piano.

by Vivek Sharma
(Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India)

Sir i want to know, suppose if a song of around 3 minutes is on F# minor then what all chords to be used with F# minor while doing chording? Here F# minor is the main chord on which whole song can be sung but if we need to do chording step by step then what all chords should we choose and mention the rule too please. Waiting for your response asap!

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Chords in Every Major and Minor Key
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Since then I have built several pages with all the major and minor keys and their chords. Go here: Chords By Key

Chords in the key of F# minor
by: Mantius

This question was also asked on Facebook and I responded as follows:


Vivek Sharma, it really depends on the song, but chords in the key of F# minor would be F#min, G#dim, Amaj, Bmin, C#min, Dmaj and Emaj. There is no rule, it depends on the melody.

Common chord progressions in F# minor are:
i – VI – VII F#m – D – E
i – iv – VII F#m – Bm – E
i – iv – v F#m – Bm – C#m
i – VI – III – VII F#m – D – A – E
ii – v – i G#m7b5 – C#m – F#m

To which Vivek Sharma responded:

Thanks a lot Sir fr the help. Could u plz give me a link of chord progressions of various scales?

My response:

Here is a link to a guitar site but the same applies to piano. http://www.guitar-chords.org.uk/chords-key-c.html

Vivek Sharma:

thanks a lot Sir for the help u rendered 🙂


It’s a pleasure. Anytime. Feel free. 🙂

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